Dean of Students

Dean of Students
Dr. Hamidatu S Darimani
 Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students was established in 2003 when the first batch of tertiary students were admitted to pursue HND programmes in Agricultural Engineering and Secretaryship and Management Studies.  The core values and objectives of the office of the Dean of Students are:

  1. To seek the welfare and interest of students in their quest to pursue tertiary education.
  2. To instill discipline and patriotism in students of Wa Polytechnic for nation building.
  3. To ensure the total development of our graduates for a sustainable livelihood and useful citizenship.

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the office is in conformity with the overall vision and mission of the Polytechnic.

The department plan to;

  1. To organize a workshop for newly elected SRC Executives on financial management, auditing and leadership.
  2. Pursue and restore the WAP FM to full operation
  3. A new bus shall be purchased for SRC to supplement the services of the old bus.
  4. SRC shall see to the completion of the student ultra-modern notice board and also supply the last batch of the furniture for the lecture halls being initiated by their predecessors.
  5. For the start, work on the student JCR shall commence by clearing the land and depositing sand and stones at the site.
  6. SRC shall solicit the GETFund through management to put up a student hostel as pertained in other tertiary institutions.
  7. The unit shall ensure that the school cloth is highly patronised by both staff and students and become a Friday wear for students and if possible a ceremonial dress
  8. SRC also plans to introduce a student journal to sharpen the communication and writing skills of students
  9. The establishment of a School Choir and Drama Club is another priority area SRC intends to undertake for the purpose of occasions, entertainment and income generation
  10. SRC shall endeavour to create hypothetical halls to promote sports and other activities.