Internal Audit

Mathew Zangina Head, Int. Audit

The Internal Audit Unit was established in 2005 in accordance with the Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 658) to provide quality assurance and independent service to all levels of management in achieving the objectives of the Polytechnic. The Internal Audit Unit guided is by the provisions of Act 658 and the Wa Polytechnic Internal Audit Charter which outline the objectives, structure, authority and the responsibilities of management, the Internal Audit Unit as well as other Schools/Departments in respect of internal auditing in the Polytechnic. The summarised mandate of the Unit is to facilitate effective, efficient and economic use of scarce national and polytechnic resources.


To facilitate efficient, effective and economic use of scarce polytechnic and government resources through quality internal audit reporting.


To carry out audits and professional evaluations of all activities of the Wa Polytechnic including financial/operational audit, information systems audit, compliance audit, construction projects audit, electrical/fire safety audit, research expenditure and follow-up audits and to ensure that the system of internal controls applicable to financial, programme and construction project areas provide reasonable assurance to management.