Guidance and Counselling Unit

The Guidance and Counselling Centre came into operation on Monday, May 10, 2010 with the following responsibilities:

  1. To provide comprehensive information on courses and opportunities to both staff and students;
  2. To provide career guidance and counselling services in the areas emotional behavior change initiative to both staff and students;
  3. To provide basic advice and guidance and facilitate communication among staff and students on a drop- in- basis;
  4. To provide in-depth-interview with specific advisors to promote conducive academic environment;
  5. Any other assignment that may be assigned by the Rector.


To create the preferred Guidance and Counselling Centre which employs professionalism; team spirit and motivation to promote quality guidance and counselling services that best satisfy the needs of our clients (students).


To facilitate participatory learning and action to a first class solution centre of choice; offering professional counseling services to the entire Polytechnic Community and stake holders.