Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Unit

felix n
Felix M. Nantogma APQAU

The scope of the Planning Unit has been broadened to include academic quality assurance matters. The creation of the Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Unit has therefore re-affirmed the Polytechnic’s commitment to achieving the highest level of academic excellence in all its programmes and units by providing quality tertiary education.

 The mandate of the Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Unit is to among other activities ensure overall management of quality assurance activities at Wa Polytechnic, ensure that the Polytechnic does not depart from its policy direction in its day to day activities. In this regard the Unit coordinates the development of strategic plans, monitor and evaluate action plans contained in the strategic plan. It is also ensures that data collection and analysis on staff and students, equipment and structures of the polytechnic are done on continuous basis. The Unit does this in collaboration with other Departments and Units. The Unit also provides statistical data reports to NAB, NABTEX and NCTE, advice on the development of strategic plan for the polytechnic, provide statistical data for congregation among others


The Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Unit seeks to support the Polytechnic realize its vision of becoming “a world class centre for applied technology and career-focused education for rural poverty reduction and national development”.


Provision of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance services towards the realization of the Polytechnic mission of providing quality tertiary education by offering three-year Higher National Diploma (HND), Degree and non-formal short term programmes and courses.