Registrar’s Office

Ambrose D. Banaaleh
Ag. Registrar

The office of the Registrar co-ordinates academic and general administrative work of the Polytechnic. The office is headed by the Registrar, who is supported by Assistant Registrars with a good number of Administrative/Senior Administrative Assistants that see to the implementation of management decisions.

The Department comprises four main units: Personnel and Legal Affairs; Student and Academic Affairs; General Administration and Public Relations Units. Other peripheral units include the Estates, Examinations, Security, Transport, Health and Sports, Environment and Sanitation and Programme Coordination Units.


To provide excellent professional and support services to guide the smooth running of the Polytechnic and its community.


Facilitating the development of positive staff attitude to enhance productivity through the organisation of effective staff orientation and training programmes to update the skills of staff.



  • Facilitate the Issuance of Certificates by National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX) and Technical Examination Unit (TEU)
  • Verification of Students Credentials
  • Confirmation/ Verification of Academic Results and Certificates issues
  • Request from Academic Organisations
  • General enquiries by students and public
  • Liaise with the media, namely: Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Upper West, Graphic Communications Group Limited and Ghana News Agency.


  • Administration of Examinations
  • Performance of Academic Ceremonies
  • Issuance of Result Slips, Transcripts of Academic Records
  • Attestation Letters, Letters of Introduction for travel visas
  • Disciplinary actions involving students’ examination malpractices
  • Appeals and Complaints from students
  • Advisory Services with regards to Academic Rules and Regulation
  • Manage staff records
  • Collate job application letters for shortlisting, organise recruitment, upgrading and promotion interviews
  • Prepare leave roasters
  • Monitor staff attendance register
  • Collate staff appraisal reports
  • Orientation of newly recruited staff
  • Liaise with SSNIT for registration, contribution and benefits for staff

 Community Service

Ambrose D. Banaaleh

  • Executive member of the Daffiama Youth Association
  • Part time Senior Tutor in Economics, Public Administration and Law and Procedure of Meetings at the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Cape Coast.