School of Applied Science and Technology

Arc. (Mrs) Genevieve E. Dery Ag. Dean
Arc. (Mrs) G. E. Dery, Ag. Dean

Mr. Kwasi Danso Ag. HoD
Mr. Kwasi Danso
Ag. HoD

Ms. Rhoda Saan Ag. HoD, BT
Ms. Rhoda Saan
Ag. HoD, BT
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The School of Applied Science and Technology has six academic departments namely:



The Department of Information and Communication Technology was established in 2007 with the mandate to offer in-depth training for students aspiring to become professionals in the field of Information Technology. It has attracted a lot of students and has arguably become the fastest growing Department of the Polytechnic.

At the third congregation of the Wa Polytechnic in April 2013, the first two batches of the Department graduated and an ICT student was adjudged the overall best student. The Department in 2011 applied for re-accreditation and was re-accredited on 1st September, 2013.


To become the first choice for ICT training in Ghana and to transform the Polytechnic into an automated working environment that supports teaching, administration, research and community service.


The mission of the Department is to  produce high calibre, carrier-focused, middle-level, information technology  graduates with the necessary technical and organisational skills for a rewarding career advancement and opportunities related to the rapidly developing sector of information technology for both the private and public sectors of the economy.

The programme will enable graduates to acquire:

  • Broad foundational skills in all key areas of Information Technology and establish a solid interpretation of specialised IT disciplines
  • Practical understanding of various technological solutions and how to apply those solutions to solve business problems.
  • The requisite technical skills to propose viable solutions to technical problems which will better support and serve the business needs of employers.


As part of fulfilling its vision and mission statement, the department intends to run other part time and short time programmes subject to an improvement in staffing. These include:

  1. General Business Certificate Courses
  2. Advance Business Certificate Courses
  3. Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) Training
  4. Web Technology

Besides these, the Department intends to organise an outreach programme to some of the Senior High Schools in Upper West Region to sensitise them on the programmes run by the Department and the polytechnic as a whole. This will enable the Department to boost its enrolment especially with female applicants.



The Department of Building Technology and Estate Management in the Wa Polytechnic was established in March 2006 with the mandate to train middle level manpower for the built environment. The Department got a three year accreditation from the National Accreditation Board to run HND in Building Technology in August, 2006 and in 2007 the Department was given another accreditation to run HND in Estate Management.


To create the opportunity for learning through a set of programmes with the fundamental role of producing graduates for the middle-level manpower requirements of the built environment.

Mission – in line with the institutional mission;

  • To provide facilities for further training and development in technology and supervisory roles of second cycle graduates and others through strengthening of knowledge, skills and attitudes for the built environment.
  • To develop the understanding of the important contribution of science and technology to the built environment and socio-economic development.
  • To provide the opportunity and training to equip individuals within the industry (with knowledge, skills and technology) to improve upon their effectiveness and efficiency as middle level supervisory personnel.
  • To develop the desire in the individual for continued job satisfaction, self-enhancement in order to recognise/appreciate the important role (or need) of continuing learning and professional association.
  • To promote international consciousness in the light of increasing global inter-dependence, through appropriate construction technology and allied practices.


  1. The Department hopes to mount Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) programmes in the following areas soon:
  • Tech. (Building Technology), with options in:
  1. Construction Technology Management
  2. Quantity Surveying
  • Design of Structures
  • Tech. (Estate Management), with options in:
  1. Real Estate Finance
  2. Land Management
  • Facilities Management
  1. Real Estate Development
  1. Furthermore, in line with the new curriculum, the Department will soon start running the HND Programmes on the Competency-Based Training (CBT) concept.
  2. The Department also intends to introduce week-end programmes in both HND Building Technology and HND Estate Management.



The Department of Dispensing Technology (Pharmaceutical Science) was established to provide in-depth training for students who aspire to become Dispensing Technologists/ Pharmacy technicians and Pharmacists. The department received accreditation on 1st September 2012 to run the HND Dispensing Technology programme. The first batch of students was enrolled in the 2013/ 2014 academic year to pursue the three-year programme.


To become a world class centre for learning and practical training in drug preparation, distribution, regulation and quality.


The Mission of the Department is to:

  • Educate and train students to become leading Pharmacy technicians/ technologists, Quality control chemists and herbal medicine practitioners.
  • Provide training for various practitioners in the informal sector to enable them to apply basic scientific principles in the delivery of their services.
  • Contribute to the advancement of health in Ghana through outreach and public service.

We will accomplish this mission through learning, discovery and engagement by:

  • Attracting and retaining talented and diverse staff and students.
  • Delivering contemporary and innovative curricula that empower students to acquire practical skills and be able to provide scientifically-informed patient care.
  • Producing world-class graduates who are prepared to assume positions of leadership in the health sector, industry and academia.
  • Establishing new synergies by creating partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances at the regional, national and international levels.


The Department has the following plans:

  1. To publish papers on issues relating to dispensing of medicine in our hospitals, pharmacies, drugs stores and quality of personnel involved in the work in Northern part Ghana.
  2. To help in the accreditation process for HND Science Laboratory Technology programme
  3. To commercialise the laboratory, since it is the only laboratory in the region which has state-of-the-art equipment to handle samples for a fee from organisations such as Ghana Standards Authority, Food and Drugs Authority and other organisations within the region.
  4. To organise short training courses, seminars and workshops for people within the industry who do not have the necessary qualifications and experience to equip them execute their job very efficiently and effectively.
  5. Determine the quality of drugs being dispensed in the Upper West Region
  6. Conduct of research on social issues relating to quality of health in the Upper West Region.



As part of the strategic plan for establishing the Wa Polytechnic, the Cosmetology Department was introduced into the School of Applied Science and Technology in February 2007.  The Beauty Industry though one of the largest Industries in the world, is the most ignored when it comes to skillful and professional training in higher Institutions in Ghana. Wa Polytechnic therefore decided to establish a Cosmetology Department to train middle level professionals to meet the needs of the Beauty Industry. It is worthy to note that the department is the first of its kind in the West African sub-region.


The Department has a ten year strategic plan with which we hope to change the phase of Ghanaian Beauty Industry. The Department shall produce very skillful and professionally trained graduates who will fit into the Ghanaian job market. The Department shall also provide quality services to the polytechnic community and beyond.


  • To create an opportunity for Ghanaian beauty professionals to study HND Cosmetology right here in Ghana.
  • Eradicate the negative mentality concerning the Beauty Industry.
  • Help beauty professionals to upgrade themselves in order to meet international standards.
  • Train competent and confident professionals.
  • Create awareness of the Cosmetology discipline

 Accredited Programmes And Structure Of Department

The Department is still in the process of gaining accreditation to commence the HND Cosmetology programme. However, short courses have been designed and will soon start. This is to enable salon owners who do not have the minimum qualification for the HND program to also have the opportunity to upgrade themselves. There will also be courses for beginners which will include Level 1 hair dressing, certificate courses in esthetics and also specialized courses for those who want to specialize in any particular area.

Teaching And Research

The Department has already secured Video tapes and DVDs to facilitate teaching and learning. The Department has also visited some salons and barbering shops in the Wa Municipality.

 Income Generating Activities

The Department has an ultra-modern beauty parlour which is opened to the Polytechnic community and the general public. Clients can come in for a pedicure, manicure, massage, and other beauty regimen at a very affordable cost.



Ghana’s science and technology sector continues to grow. This growth, coupled with the changing worldwide trends in industrial development, requires that large numbers of well-educated and highly-skilled professionals are trained to fill the required human resource capacity in these dynamic fields. Wa Polytechnic is committed to serving this need by recruiting talented students, providing them with high-quality and up-to-date education, and fostering an effective teaching and learning environment so as to produce graduates who are fit for the contemporary demands and challenges.


The Higher National Diploma (HND) programme in Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) is intended to equip its trainees with the knowledge and operational skills necessary to work in analytical, industrial, medical, environmental, food, and regulatory laboratories. The SLT Department is committed to offering students an academic experience of “thinking, learning, and doing.” The best way to provide this experience, we believe, is through the active involvement of students in research and the development of solution of real-world problems. Therefore, teaching and research are mutually supportive and one cannot excel without the other. We would thus encourage our faculty to carry out research that actively involves students and serves the community and the nation at large. The high practical content in this programme will prepare graduates to quickly enter the appropriate industrial or academic settings. Furthermore, our students will focus on the entrepreneurial and intellectual property aspects of their profession to enhance their career progression and excellence.



The SLT department aims to become a world-class centre for the training of well-qualified Science Laboratory Technologists to contribute to Ghana’s sustainable scientific development.



To achieve the above-stated vision statement, the department aims to:

  1. Employ committed, highly-qualified personnel to assist in the training of our students
  2. Train and equip students with the requisite technical and managerial know-how to offer solution-oriented competent laboratory services at the workplace
  • Employ innovative and “problem-based” teaching strategies in the training of our students
  1. Provide our students with high-quality and up-to-date curricula
  2. Foster an effective teaching and learning environment for academic success
  3. Provide world-class research facilities to support contemporary teaching and research


The following notable achievements have been recorded:

  1. The development and approval of a proposal. A proposal for the establishment of the HND SLT programme has been prepared and approved by the Academic Board. We hope that the proposal will be submitted to the NCTE and NAB for accreditation in the near future.
  2. Supporting sister departments. Lecturers from the SLT department have been rendering teaching service to the Department of Dispensing Technology in courses such as Toxicology, Microbiology, Practical Microbiology, and Equipment Maintenance and Management. Lecturers have also been supporting the Department of General Liberal Studies in teaching Regular Access Integrated Science organised by NABPTEX.
  3. Conference scholarships for students. The department lobbied for and was awarded scholarships to bring three Wa Polytechnic students to the Ghana Biomedical Convention (GBC) annual conference in Cape Coast in July 2013. This initiative, spearheaded by the SLT lecturers and fully funded by the GBC executives, was to help expose our students to cutting-edge scientific research conducted in the country and abroad.

Donation of learning materials from the DANA Alliance for Brain Initiative. To align ourselves with global leaders in biomedical research, the Department became a partner of the US-based non-profit called DANA Alliance. We have received a shipment of reading materials from this organisation, most of which would be offered to help resource the central Polytechnic library



The Department of Fashion Design and Modelling was established to train students with high technical expertise in fashion, design and other related areas to positively influence the society and to beef up the human resource of the country. The core mandate is to meet Ghana’s domestic needs in clothing and fashion, open up export opportunities for the economy as well as train creative/innovative professionals to meet challenges and standards in fashion, design and modelling.


Our vision is to promote and develop broad technical education and training in Fashion, Design & Modelling and to be recognized globally as a leader in transforming the face of fashion education within and beyond the Upper West Region of Ghana.


To provide quality education and training in fashion through the study of local and international Fashion, Design and Modelling and other related areas appropriate for the economy of Ghana.

 Certificate to be Awarded

HND Fashion Design and Modelling



The Economic boom being experienced by the country has necessitated the rapid growth and development of the hospitality and tourism industry in Ghana in particular and the world as whole. There is a gradual shift of attention from primary commodities to market-oriented economy with emphasis on tourism and the hospitality industry in general in Ghana. The industry is currently the third largest foreign currency earner for Ghana. Tourism and its related services are competitive and therefore, there is the need for a good mix of attractions and support facilities such as accommodation services, food and beverage services to ensure a sustainable development.

In light of this, there is the need for well qualified human resource to manage the sector effectively. The Catering, Hotel and Institutional Management Department wishes to train students with the requisite knowledge and practical skills that can effectively and efficiently manage the ever increasing catering and hospitality organizations in the Upper West Region and beyond. The department is yet to take off with admitted students to offer the stipulated courses.

Departmental Goal:

To produce qualified graduates with the requisite knowledge and practical skills for the managerial/supervisory positions in the Catering and Hospitality Industries.


To be world-class centre for the training of highly qualified personnel for the hospitality and catering industry to contribute to national development.


The mission of the department includes the following:

  • Attract highly qualified and committed staff to assist in training of students.
  • Adopt modern approach to prepare and equip student with practical knowledge and skills to manage and supervise catering and hospitality organizations effectively.
  • Engender an effective teaching and learning environment for academic success.
  • Ensure the availability of world-class research modern facilities to support technology-based teaching and research.
  • Provide students in the department with high-quality and up-to-date curricula

Certificate to be awarded