Department of Building Technology and Estate Management


The Department of Building Technology and Estate Management in the Wa Polytechnic was established in March 2006 with the mandate to train middle level manpower for the built environment. The Department got a three year accreditation from the National Accreditation Board to run HND in Building Technology in August, 2006 and in 2007 the Department was given another accreditation to run HND in Estate Management.


To create the opportunity for learning through a set of programmes with the fundamental role of producing graduates for the middle-level manpower requirements of the built environment.

Mission – in line with the institutional mission;

  • To provide facilities for further training and development in technology and supervisory roles of second cycle graduates and others through strengthening of knowledge, skills and attitudes for the built environment.
  • To develop the understanding of the important contribution of science and technology to the built environment and socio-economic development.
  • To provide the opportunity and training to equip individuals within the industry (with knowledge, skills and technology) to improve upon their effectiveness and efficiency as middle level supervisory personnel.
  • To develop the desire in the individual for continued job satisfaction, self-enhancement in order to recognise/appreciate the important role (or need) of continuing learning and professional association.
  • To promote international consciousness in the light of increasing global inter-dependence, through appropriate construction technology and allied practices.


  1. The Department hopes to mount Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) programmes in the following areas soon:
  • Tech. (Building Technology), with options in:
  1. Construction Technology Management
  2. Quantity Surveying
  • Design of Structures
  • Tech. (Estate Management), with options in:
  1. Real Estate Finance
  2. Land Management
  • Facilities Management
  1. Real Estate Development
  1. Furthermore, in line with the new curriculum, the Department will soon start running the HND Programmes on the Competency-Based Training (CBT) concept.
  2. The Department also intends to introduce week-end programmes in both HND Building Technology and HND Estate Management.