Department of Industrial Art


The Department has been in existence since 2008 but the programme was accredited on 1st September, 2013. The core mandate for the establishment of the Department is to provide in-depth training for the visual, technical and vocational art students to be self-reliant and create jobs for themselves and others. The HND Industrial Art programme focuses on four (4) vital visual art related sectors of the small scale industry, which utilizes local tools, materials and technology directly useful to the nation’s employment and revenue generation programme.


To advance knowledge in Art and Technology using appropriate technology developed from local resources.


To provide quality education and training, promote scholarship, service, innovation, creativity in Art, Technology and inculcate moral values to meet the challenges of a dynamic society.

Community Service

Designed and facilitated the production of three (3) additional academic ceremonial gowns for two new Deans (Applied Art, Design & General Studies, Dean of Student Affairs) and the Vice Rector of the Polytechnic.

The Department rendered services such as labelling of new computers of ICT laboratory and workshop chairs and tables.

The Department in collaboration with the SRC printed cloth for its members. Cloth and T-Shirts of other associations such as campus Christian fellowship (CCF-Wa Polytechnic Chapter), Sec & Mgt students, APITS and others were all printed by the Department. Embroidery design on T-Shirts including DIASA and many others were some of the services rendered by the Department.

The department plans to;

  1. Contribute to the beautification of the Polytechnic environment.
  2. Reach out to locally trained artists and artisans to upgrade them technically and if possible academically.
  3. Organise short courses and refresher courses or workshops for locally trained artists to boost their creativity and diversity in the art and culture industry.

Seek funding to initiate demand driven ventures that will also be beneficial to the society and the nation as a whole.