Department of Information and Communication Technology


The Department of Information and Communication Technology was established in 2007 with the mandate to offer in-depth training for students aspiring to become professionals in the field of Information Technology. It has attracted a lot of students and has arguably become the fastest growing Department of the Polytechnic.

At the third congregation of the Wa Polytechnic in April 2013, the first two batches of the Department graduated and an ICT student was adjudged the overall best student. The Department in 2011 applied for re-accreditation and was re-accredited on 1st September, 2013.


To become the first choice for ICT training in Ghana and to transform the Polytechnic into an automated working environment that supports teaching, administration, research and community service.


The mission of the Department is to  produce high calibre, carrier-focused, middle-level, information technology  graduates with the necessary technical and organisational skills for a rewarding career advancement and opportunities related to the rapidly developing sector of information technology for both the private and public sectors of the economy.

The programme will enable graduates to acquire:

  • Broad foundational skills in all key areas of Information Technology and establish a solid interpretation of specialised IT disciplines
  • Practical understanding of various technological solutions and how to apply those solutions to solve business problems.
  • The requisite technical skills to propose viable solutions to technical problems which will better support and serve the business needs of employers.


As part of fulfilling its vision and mission statement, the department intends to run other part time and short time programmes subject to an improvement in staffing. These include:

  1. General Business Certificate Courses
  2. Advance Business Certificate Courses
  3. Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) Training
  4. Web Technology

Besides these, the Department intends to organise an outreach programme to some of the Senior High Schools in Upper West Region to sensitise them on the programmes run by the Department and the polytechnic as a whole. This will enable the Department to boost its enrolment especially with female applicants.