Department of Secretaryship and Management


The Department of Secretaryship and Management Studies was established in 2003 and was accredited to run the HND Secretaryship and Management Studies programme. The Department turned out its eighth batch of graduates in the 2013/2014 academic year.


Our vision is to be seen as the true centre of excellence and to be the yard-stick for measuring career- focused clerical and managerial practice in Ghana and possibly in the West African sub-region.


As an academic unit in a polytechnic with its motto: Knowledge, Application and Service, we stand for:

  • Providing opportunities to have work place experience whiles in training;
  • Assisting / encouraging lecturers and instructors to update themselves;
  • Ensuring a quality career- focused computer literate education, relevant for a modern secretary / manager;
  • Inducing a positive frame of mind among staff; and
  • Motivating students to develop confidence and positive attitude to life.