Entrepreneurship and Innovation Directorate (EID)

The Wa Polytechnic Entrepreneurship and Innovation Directorate (EID), is a new Directorate created from WAPEC which was established through the Developing Rural Entrepreneurs’ Project (DREP). The objectives of the Directorate are to:

  • Enhance Entrepreneurship and innovation for students and the local entrepreneurs who lack modern skills to be innovative and different and compete
  • Encourage young graduates especially from the polytechnics to develop the interest in Entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • Establish Partnerships and Collaborations with other Organisations and promote the teaching and learning of entrepreneurship within the polytechnic and the community.

The niche area of the EID is: “Enhancing local industries in the Upper West Region”. The focus is to train students with practical entrepreneurial skills in collaboration with industry. In order to make our students more competitive and self-reliant after their Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes.

The core mandate of EID is to promote entrepreneurship Education, Innovation, Business Incubation, and Entrepreneurship Research for socio-economic advancement of the Upper West Region and Ghana, Driven by the core values of service, pro activeness, innovation and excellence, EID pursues its mandate through collaboration with key stakeholders in and outside Ghana. The Directorate works closely with some local entities, such as the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) and Developing Rural Enterprise Programme (DREP) and international entities, such as the CIDA, Social Entrepreneurs International (SE Int) to promote the Polytechnic-industry linkages and the development of entrepreneurs and enterprises in Ghana.

The vision and mission of the Directorate is in conformity with the overall vision and mission of Wa Polytechnic, thus:

To become a World Class Centre for applied technology and providing career- focused education for rural poverty reduction and national development. Committed to becoming a Centre of Excellence for competency-based teaching and learning, offering continuing education opportunities to fulfill the needs of all stakeholders, establish sustainable partnerships with industry and facilitating the development of entrepreneurs. The Directorate is implementing a business incubation system and intends to offer short courses in Entrepreneurship. Our students have the rare opportunity to undergo practice-oriented training, be well- nurtured to meet the expectations of employers, start their own businesses through support from the Business Incubator, and be equipped with the requisite competencies to promote Entrepreneurship in their respective areas of specialisation.

We continue to reach out to potential partners while we extend a special invitation to prospective students, entrepreneurs, business executives, government and non-governmental agencies, the local community, corporate world, charities and international bodies, to work with us in our diverse fields of endeavour. Come share in the exciting and fulfilling agenda of promoting Entrepreneurship for socio-economic development